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MGMT438 Unit 1DB Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

MGMT438 Unit 1DB - Research Paper Example Correspondence is an exhibition based issue in a gathering action. Correspondence impacts the coordination of work inside a gathering that means to attempt an undertaking. Correspondence is among the components that expand the strategic goals of a given gathering. Absence of compelling correspondence methodologies would restrain the degrees of bond and cohesiveness inside a gathering (Lee, Kim, and Shin, 2012). Activities of the gatherings according to execution consistently depend on the degrees of data accessible inside the gathering exercises. Correspondence restricts the degrees of execution and gathering cohesiveness since the individuals if the gathering can't add to the issues of worry comparable to the exercises of a specific undertaking being explained (Lee, Kim, and Shin, 2012). As a human asset expert included, I would recognize the hindrances to correspondence that exist inside the gatherings. Recognizing the obstructions would suggest that there would be a beginning stage for the investigation of various components that hamper correspondence inside the framework. This investigation would likewise distinguish the purposes of correspondence breakdown as reflected inside the gathering exercises. After such distinguishing pieces of proof, exploring on focal techniques for improving correspondence would be an extra advance towards taking care of the issue. This would involve discovering specialized techniques that would be predictable inside the gathering. This includes congruity of powerful correspondence. So as to accomplish this system, consolidating innovation is another factor that would upgrade the enhancements in correspondence. Presenting broadened correspondence stages, for example, PC for sends and other fax machines would upgrade quicker spread of d ata inside the gathering. This reality suggests that the mechanical developments would build worries towards powerful data spread. PC based frameworks would upgrade smooth progression of trade of thoughts. Lee, J.- S., Kim, T.- H., and Shin, Y.- J. (2012).

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4 Easy Steps to Creating a Bibliography in Microsoft Word

4 Easy Steps to Creating a Bibliography in Microsoft Word The assignments in front of you: Write a research paper and include a bibliography with properly cited sources. If you want to make the assignment as painless as possible, do what experienced academic writers do and go straight to Microsoft Word to build your bibliography as you write.With several options for online access to Microsoft Word, youll find that the software offers a great way to streamline the process of creating a bibliography and proper in-text citations as you begin the research process. Doing this as you writeâ€"instead of waiting for the end to put all the citations together into a bibliography, references, or works cited listâ€"makes writing a research paper so much easier.Step 1: Choose a style from the References tabFirst choose a style from the References tab.For this first step in creating your bibliography in Microsoft Word, locate the References tab at the top of your screen. Next, look for the Citations Bibliography group under the References tab. Click the drop-down box next to Style in the Citations Bibliography group and choose the appropriate style for your paper. The available styles are listed in alphabetical order, and likely will include some styles youve never heard of before, such as:APAChicagoGB771Gost â€" Name sortGost â€" Title sortHarvard â€" AngliaIEEEISO 690 â€" First element and dateISO 690 â€" Numerical referenceMLASIST02TurabianAfter completing this step, its time to write your paper and add citations.Step 2: Insert citations in the text of your documentAt this point in the progress of your research paper, youll need to insert a citation wherever source information is needed in the text. Whether this is a direct quote or paraphrasing the writing of another, citations are required for all research.To insert a citation, click the References tab. In the Citations Bibliography section, click the Insert Citation button to add a new source.Next insert citations in the text of your document.A window like the one in the i mage above should then pop up, allowing you to enter all the source information, including type of source, author, title, year, publisher and city of publication. The fields will change based on what type of source you choose. For example, if you choose to add a source that is a journal articleâ€"one of the most common types of sources used in researchâ€"the fields will be: Author, title, journal name, year, and page numbers (since these are the details required in a citation for a journal article). However, if you choose the type of source as sound recording, the fields will include: Composer, performer, title, year, city, state, and country.This is one of the great benefits to using Microsoft Word to create your paper and accompanying bibliography. The software ensures that the unique details of each sourceâ€"whether its a website, piece of artwork, or journal articleâ€"are correctly collected on the front-end in the writing process. When you reach the end of your initial draft, y our sources should be already included and managed, allowing you to create a bibliography at the literal touch of a button.A note on placeholdersYoull notice that when you press the Insert Citation button, youre given two choices: Add new source and add new placeholder. You should choose Add new source if you have most of the sources information. However, if you dont have very much information about the source but know that you are writing a paragraph or sentence that needs to be cited, you can choose Add new placeholder to create a placeholder citation for the text.Step 3: Manage your sourcesAfter you input all your sources for citations within your text, you will be able to manage the sources and include some (or all) in a master list. Clicking on Manage Sources within the Citations Bibliography section allows you to do this. Once clicked, this will take you to a list version of all the sources you have inputted thus far, allowing you to add them to (or subtract them from) a mast er list. It will also allow you to make any changes that are needed.Next you should manage your sources.Now from this menu, you can add, delete, and edit your sources. You will also be able to preview the sources bibliography format in the lower pane of the window that opens when you manage sources.Step 4: Add the bibliographyNow that youve completed your paper and added all sources, creating the bibliography is the easy part. Simply place your cursor where you want the bibliography to be in your paper, click on the References tab, then click Bibliography in the Citations Bibliography section. When you do this, a drop-down arrow will allow you to choose the correct title for your bibliographyâ€"either Bibliography, References, or Works Cited. Once youve chosen the title, click Insert Biography and voila! Your bibliography is inserted and formatted exactly as it should be for the style youve chosen.The last step is to add the bibliography.

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Terrible Examples Of Genocide - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1365 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2019/08/08 Category History Essay Level High school Tags: Genocide Essay Did you like this example? In this picture the people of Darfur are asking for help from international forces as they need safety and protection.We are able to see the distress and worry on their faces which appeals to our emotions. Luckily The U.S. and UN came to the rescue and built camps in Thailand for those who needed a place for security. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Terrible Examples Of Genocide" essay for you Create order They were able to provide them food and a place to sleep as they initially begged for. This source really shows how it was considered a genocide because it shows how desperate the people were for help. All they needed was protection from a much bigger stronger force. The killings and Starvations in Darfur ruined their country as well as the moral of many citizens. This is a good source because it was taken during that time and is of the victims which shows us the true emotion of what this genocide did to them. There was really no bias found in this source. Resistance: Rescue and Resistance in Nanjing. Facing History and Ourselves. Accessed December 01, 2018.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   When the Japanese attacked Nanjing many people fled the country and continued to fight against them because they were not giving up yet. Others that stayed in the country still fought as well as helped the ones that were injured or sick. The ones who refused to flee were staying to help people in the refugee camps where they provided safety. Many of the people felt they needed to stay and help those who needed it. They didnt want the Japanese to win and take over so they had to do what they has to and resist against them. In the letters they talked about the Committee safe groups that were made. This source is good since it directly explains what each person had in mind and how they planned to resist. Some people within the country believed that them staying there would make things worse. The injured and sick were already going to die so they saw no point in staying and trying help when they would just sacrifice themselves. NICK B. WILLIAMS Jr. | Times Staff Writer. Cambodian Resistance Goes on Offensive : Despite Differences, 3 Factions Operate as More of a Guerrilla Force. Los Angeles Times. August 08, 1985. Accessed December 01, 2018.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The Cambodians resisted against the vietnamese by starting a movement and became almost like a Guerilla force. Since the Vietnamese drove them out of the camps they needed to step up. The Cambodians resistance movement was probably the most effective since quite a few Vietnamese soldiers were killed. In the Los angeles times it said In past years, the non-Communist factions operated close to their border bases. With all three factions now pressing to carry the fight to the interior, ?we are stepping on each others toes, Abdul Gaffar Peang-Meth, a spokesman for the Khmer Front, said recently (Los Angeles Times). Although the killing of some vietnamese may have been effective in showing they resist, both countries are just getting on each others nerve, therefore causing the unnecessary conflict that will continue. This is considered a good source because it was first written at that exact time so we as readers can get that full effect and know that the info rmation we are obtaining is reliable. This bias in this is many think the Cambodians shouldnt have resisted and said they started the conflict between them. If they just backed off and didnt force into it, they would be fine.But as for the Cambodians they knew that standing by wasnt an option and they needed to resist against them. Genocides we have studied: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Accessed December 02, 2018.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   This source has a collection of stories written from Holocaust survivors themselves, explaining their experience and feelings. One of the victims that survived was Jakob, he wrote his story and talked about what happened during the whole thing. He wrote In the ghettos, typhus, malnutrition and other diseases ravaged the population, which caused many deaths, especially among the elderly and children. It was a miracle that I survived typhus (Ushmm- Jakob). This quote shows what he went through along with many others and emphasizes the true struggles that Jews went through. Having a survivor write about the holocaust makes it so real which helps to relate to the reader and appeal to their emotions. The Holocaust is considered a genocide because all Jews were forced out of their homes and put into concentration camps where they were tortured to their death. In the letter Jakob talks about how some people think they know what it was like to be in the holocaust but there are actually no words to describe it. This can cause bias between victims and other people because outsiders have absolutely no idea what it was like and for them to say they do is very disrespectful. Kifner, John. Armenian Genocide of 1915: An Overview. The New York Times. December 07, 2007. Accessed December 02, 2018. This is an article written by John kifner explaining an overview of the Armenian Genocide and what happened/ the causes. The Turks attacked the Armenians after WWI was over simply because the Armenians wanted to help Russia overthrow Turkey. Armenians were tortured and stripped of their pride when they were forced to go on marches naked in front of everyone.This is a good source since it was directly written from that point of time and shows the Armenians side of it instead of just the Turks intake. In this case,The turks decide what history is because they are the more powerful ones but as for this source it allows the Armenians to tell their story. The bias with this genocide is between the Turks and Armenians themselves. The Turks deny that a genocide took place because theyre afraid of the truth coming out. The Turks tried to claim that they didnt even carry out genocide and it was the Armenians that brought it on themselves. For this reason some believe the Armenians owe them an apology as they did it for a reason. Books: Matuszak, Nancy. History behind the Headlines: The Origins of Conflicts Worldwide. Farmington Hills, MI: Thomson/Gale, 2002.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   This book talks about the torture the people of Nanjing went through as well as the war crimes being placed. This book is a good source because it shows what happened after the genocide was over and how the Japanese will be held accountable for their actions. They were finally held responsible in the end. Anyone that was on the Japanese side may now think other wise after reading this book. In the book it explains the truth about the genocide and exploits the Japanese making them look like the enemy they always have been. The only bias that could still be true is with the ones who still believe in the Japanese and think what they did was truly reasonable. Showalter, Dennis E. History in Dispute. Farmington Hills, MI: St. James Press/Gale Group/Thomson Learning, 2002.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   This book tackles the main question of why the Holocaust is portrayed so differently from other genocides. In the book it said that the specific people were targeted,the Jews, and defined differently, making it different from others. This is a good source because it really digs deep into the holocaust and exactly why it is a more talked about genocide. Readers will be able to understand not only why the holocaust is considered a genocide but also other genocides and the reasons for it. Since the Holocaust is very well known, after this book youll know more about other genocides and get a feel for more terrible attacks, The holocaust isnt the only important one to note. The bias that this book takes on is the fact that other genocides are important to and need to get as much attention as the holocaust has. Theres a lot to learn and understand and victims of other attacks should be given the opportunity to speak freely of the events.

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School Dress Codes One Of The Most Enforced School Policies

School Dress Codes: one of the most enforced school policies of all time for students of any age and gender. Of course, everyone has their opinion about what is too short or too long, what is too low or too high, and what is too tight or too loose; however, according to schools, middle school and high school girls are all â€Å"indecent†, or how the students put it, whorish. Because of this, there are very specific rules, right down to the T, about what girls can and cannot wear while on school grounds. As the handbook says, â€Å"Skirts, dresses, and shorts cannot be more than 2  ¼ inches above the knee.† Oh, and to make you moan and groan even more, â€Å"The inseam of your shorts has to be, at the very least, 4 inches long.† So they are trying to tell me and the rest of the student body that we can only wear long shorts? Is it just me, or does that bulls*** sound like an oxymoron? Wouldn’t long shorts be†¦ what do you call them? Oh†¦ pants? Ha, and to make it even better, â€Å"All pants and shorts must be worn on the waist.† What about above the waist? Some kids are poor, you know, and have to wear large ass pants to school. They can’t punish them for being poor now, can they? Well? Now, what if I want to wear my pants around my chest? That’s a â€Å"nerd† style, and nerds are usually pretty darn tootin’ smart. Are the schools now suddenly into punishing smart people who are doing well in school and hope to maybe move on to better things in life, such as, I don’t know, college? Would Steve UrkelShow MoreRelatedThe School Dress Code Is One Of The Most Enforced School Policies Of All Time For Students932 Words   |  4 PagesThe school dress code is one of the most enforced school policies of all time for students of any age and gender. Of course, everyone has an opinion about what clothing is up to par in society; however, according to the school system, middle school and high school girls are all, how the students put it, whorish. Because of this label, there are very specific rules, right down to the T, about what students can and cannot wear while on school grounds. 1. Skirts, dresses, and shorts cannot be moreRead MoreUniforms Codes Should Not Be Disruptive1668 Words   |  7 PagesSchools enjoy saying that their students are free to express themselves through their clothing; however they do stress the importance that while students express themselves, the garments should not be disruptive to the class environment. The big question is, what is â€Å"disruptive† and what isn’t. Is a girl wearing a tank top to combat the warm weather disruptive, or is a boy wearing a blatantly offensive shirt disruptive to their peers learning? Or is a student wearing a religious item, such as a hijabRead MoreArgument Against School Uniforms Should Not Be Banned1556 Words   |  7 PagesArgument Against School Uniforms My disagreement against school dress code is that public schools should not make the student go to school uniforms. Students should be able to wear any appropriate clothing they want to wear. School uniforms are not the way to be unsuccessful in education. School uniforms are a waste of time to have in a public school system. Teachers should make the students go home and change into school appropriate clothes. Public schools should give students a chance on what theyRead MoreEssay on Arguments for School Dress Codes820 Words   |  4 PagesEnsuing President Bill Clintons State of the Union address in January of 1996, more and more public schools are implementing dress codes and uniform policies in their schools. As a result, there has been an increase in legal controversies dealing with the issue. The reason that dress codes are not conclusively enforced is due to the application of the First Amendment to juveniles in the public school setting. The First Amendment states that Congre ss shall make no law respecting an establishment ofRead MoreSchool Uniforms Should Be Required For Their Freedom Of Expression1548 Words   |  7 PagesSchool uniforms were first introduced in England, in the 16th century. In the beginning it was only for charity purposes, but clothing started to have a different meaning throughout the centuries. The early purposes of wearing school uniforms were not much different than that of today’s. Same clothing can represent togetherness and may also help students no to get distracted. This research paper will take a closer look at why schools should mandate such a policy, supported by details and statisticsRead MoreEssay about Dress Codes in School can Decrease Bullying823 Words   |  4 PagesEffect of Dress Code in Schools Dress code is put into place to keep students from being bullied for how they dress and how some people may treat them different depending on what they wear. There is a lot of evidence that show students losing time in the class room because they are too worried about there personal apparel. David Brunsma, a sociologist who wrote Uniforms in Public Schools: A Decade of Research and Debate in 2005, says, â€Å"Dress codes and school uniforms increase school safety by eliminatingRead MoreSchool Uniforms And Its Effect On Self Image1548 Words   |  7 PagesMost commonly found in private schools, school uniforms are slowly being adopted by public schools in the US. In the 2003-2004 school year every one in eight schools required uniforms; in the 2011-2012 school year that number had increased to every one in five schools ( As violence increased, schools started enforcing uniforms thinking that it would solve the violence. School uniforms were created in England in the 16th century for students referred to as the â€Å"charity children† (ProConRead MoreThe Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms791 Words   |  4 PagesStates have the school uniform policy (research conducted in 2017). This means that one-fifth of the country’s students who are in school are not allowed to wear their own clothes. The statistics indicate that a majority of the United States disappro ve of school uniforms since the percentage remains low. The topic about school uniforms has created two sides of the issue. Some believe that students should wear school uniforms to provide an equal learning environment. Those who oppose school uniforms believeRead MoreSchool Uniforms: Should Everyone Look Like Clones? Essay920 Words   |  4 PagesAre school uniforms good or bad? This is an issue that has been going on for years. There are many different reasons for school uniforms. Some say having a school uniform helps to prevent violence and others say it prevents originality. Some also say it’ll help lower or rise the cost for parents. A common argument today is whether or not uniforms should be enforced in the public school system. One main reason public schools have uniforms / dress code is because in 1996, President Clinton allowedRead MoreThe Bright Side Of School Uniforms. Education In The United1597 Words   |  7 PagesThe Bright Side of School Uniforms Education in the United States from Kindergarten all the way to 12th grade is known for its free education system. That’s right, students all over the country are given the opportunity to retrieve a high school diploma for free. Education in this country is so important that schools around the country are pushing their board of education to propose the policy of school uniforms nationwide, as they believe school uniforms have a very beneficial and positive effect

Health Care Free Essays

Introduction to Psychology Worksheet Complete each part with 100- to 200-word responses. The word count for individual questions may vary but your responses should total 500- to 800-words for the entire worksheet. Part I: Origins of Psychology Within the discipline of psychology, there are several perspectives used to describe, predict, and explain human behavior. We will write a custom essay sample on Health Care or any similar topic only for you Order Now Describe three major psychological perspectives and name at least one leading theorist for each. Neuroscience: Views the behavior from the perspective of the scientific functioning. How individual nerve cells are put together. how the functioning of the body affects all the self conscience and conscious for example hopes, happiness, anger, and fears. This perspective includes the study of hereditary and evolution which considers how parents, uncles, and grandparents, etc. Could influence an individuals behavior which examines how the brain and the nervous system affects one persons behavior all in one circle revolving the brains main functions. Manfred Eigen Cognitive: Studies how people understand and think about the world we live in. The main key point is on learning how people comprehend and represent the outside world among themselves and how our ways of thinking about the world influence our behavior which can lead to the choices we make by society. Jean Piaget Humanistic: The approach of free will one persons chosen behavior when people can control their behavior and that they naturally try to reach their full potential thus maximizing their personal realization. Marc Handelman Part II: Research Methods Provide a brief overview of some of the research methods used by psychologists. Include strengths and weaknesses of each method discussed. Case studies) are in-depth investigations or studies of a single person, group, event or community. Case studies are widely used in psychology and amongst the best known ones being used in todays times. Case studies can provide great data and have high levels of authenticity of all the information collected also the participants show the most real reactions. (Interviews) in formal interviews are like a casual conversation. There are no specific questions and the participant is given the opportunity to talk about whatever topics he/she feels are important and ask them in their own way. formal interviews are like a job interview. They are set up in the same way in a organized manner in which participants can help determine what are their stress induced activities when put on the spot light. (Questionnaires) Questionnaires can be thought of as a kind of written interview. They can be carried out face to face, by telephone like when you are talking with a clerk representative over the phone The questions asked can be open, allowing flexibility in what people want to answer when being asked specific questions, or they can be more structured requiring short answers which are straight to the point and also they can be given a list of like multiple choice questions. ll of the questions must be carefully asked due to the fact that potentially biased, or offensive questions can be misunderstood.. Part III: Ethics in Research Describe two ethical issues related to research. Why is informed consent necessary for ethical research? Informed consent: this is required for the reason that participants must be informed and h ave had to acknowledge everything that is going to be done in the research and case studies and must have full understanding of what will go on through at all times. Confidentiality: this must be done for the reason that participants in some cases want full discretion of what goes on throughout the research and case studies. Failure to have all this documented could lead a dispute and possibly court actions by the participants. Part IV: The Brain and Mind Identify three major structures of the brain and their respective functions in the human body. The three main functioning areas of the brain are the cerebrum, cerebellum, and the medulla oblongata. The most largest and most functioning area is the cerebrum, which is responsible for the consciousness. The second largest portion of the brain is the cerebellum. It actually looks a lot like a butter fly so I’ve read and seen on pictures and works to coordinate muscle movement in order to have both smooth and graceful execution in the brain. The third and last area of the brain is the medulla oblongata which is close to the spinal cord. It contains receptors for heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure and reflex centers for vomiting, coughing, sneezing, and swallowing. How to cite Health Care, Papers

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Smoking Is a Silent Killer Essay Example

Smoking  Is a Silent Killer Essay Smoking  Is a Silent Killer Researchers claim that smoking is detrimental to memory . Prolonged heavy nicotine use has a negative effect on day-to-day memory, according to research. Researchers from five universities asked smokers and non-smokers to rate their long-term memory, for example remembering to send birthday cards. They found that smoking significantly impaired memory, with heavy smokers reporting the most errors. The survey was carried out by teams from Newcastle, Wales, North Umbria, Westminster and Teesside universities. The survey nvolved more than 700 people. Researcher Dr Tom Heffernan, of the human cognitive neuroscience unit at North Umbria University, also tested everyday memory including remembering where people had put things. The teams also took into consideration how much people smoked a heavy smoker was classed as having more than 15 cigarettes a week and alight smoker between one and four cigarettes a week. Dr Heffernan said: The result of the study reveal ed that smokers reported more errors in their long-term memory than non-smokers with an additional ifference between non-smokers and heavy smokers. There was also a significant detrimental effect of cigarette use on everyday memory function. For example a typical heavy smoker reported 22% more memory-related problems than a non smoker and around 12% more problems than those who smoked only relatively a small number of cigarettes It is concluded that chronic, heavy smoking is associated with impairments in everyday memory, although the precise nature of the deficits are as yet unknown.